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Qing Tang, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Fellow


  • 2011-2017 Ph.D., College of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

  • 2007-2011 B.S., College of Biological, Chemical and Resources Engineering, Hubei University of Technology, ChinaPhD studying in College of Life Science and Technology, from Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Research Interests
Cyclic di-AMP singling in Staphylococcus aureus and its role in inflammation induction in cystic fibrosis lung.


Phone: 206-616-0675

(1) Qing Tang, Kang Yin, Hongliang Qian, Youwen Zhao, Wen Wang, Shan-Ho Chou, Yang Fu, and Jin He. Cyclic di-GMP contributes to adaption and virulence of Bacillus thuringiensis through a riboswitch-regulated collagen adhesion protein. Scientific Reports. 2016, 7(6); 6:28807.


(2) Qing Tang, Yuncao Luo, Chao Zheng, Kang Yin, Maria Kanwal, Xinfeng Li, Jin He. Functional analysis of a c-di-AMP-specific phosphodiesterase MsPDE from Mycobacterium smegmatis. International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2015, 11(7): 813-24.


(3) Qing Tang, Xinfeng Li, Tingting Zou, Huimin Zhang, Yingying Wang, Rongsui Gao, Zhencui Li, Jin He, Youjun Feng. Mycobacterium smegmatis BioQ defines a new regulatory network for biotin metabolism. Molecular Microbiology, 2014, 10(7): 1006-1023.


(4) Ling Yan*, Qing Tang*, Zeyuan Guan, Kai Pei, Tingting Zou, Jin He. Structural insights into operator recognition by BioQ in the Mycobacterium smegmatis biotin synthesis pathway. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2018 Sep;1862(9):1843-1851. (* The co-first author)


(5) Maria Kanwal Ali, Xinfeng Li, Qing Tang, Xiaoyu Liu, Fang Chen, Jinfeng Xiao, Muhammad Ali, Shan-Ho Chou, Jin He. Regulation of inducible potassium transporter KdpFABC by KdpD/KdpE two-component system in Mycobacterium smegmatis. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2017, 8: 570.


(6) Hang Zhou, Cao Zheng, Jianmei Su, Bo Chen, Yang Fu, Yuqun Xie, Qing Tang, Shan-Ho Chou, Jin He. Characterization of a natural triple-tandem c-di-GMP riboswitch and application of the riboswitch-based dual-fluorescence reporter. Scientific Reports. 2016, 2(19); 6:20871.


(7) Han Mei, Qing Tang, Yaxi Wang, Jieping Wang, Jin He. Insights into sRNA genes regulated by two-component systems in the Bacillus cereus group. Current Bioinformatics, 2015, 10(4): 56-468(13).


(8) Shumeng Zhang, Jieping Wang, Yale Wei, Qing Tang, Maria Kanwal, Jin He. Heterologous expression of VHb can improve the yield and quality of biocontrol fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus, during submerged fermentation. Journal of Biotechnology, 2014, 8(1): 147-153.


(9) Jieping Wang, Han Mei, Hongliang Qian, Qing Tang, Xiaocui Liu, Ziniu Yu, Jin He. Expression profile and regulation of spore and parasporal crystal formation-associated genes in Bacillus thuringiensis. Journal of Proteome Research, 2013, 12(12):5487-5501.

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